These games and activities can be organized in your office premises with minimal props and using the stuffs easily available at your workspace.
You are most welcome to contribute to this list, the games which you played in your office gatherings and had fin. Who knows your ideas might help and inspire others to organize at their offices.
1. Treasure Hunt : 
Treasure hunt at Office party games and ideas This is one challenging game which we enjoyed as kids. It’s not late, you can arrange this treasure hunt in your office too. Write down some clever hints and hide them in the least expected spots in and around office premises. Enjoy the fun while your colleagues run around in search of the treasure.
2. Guess Who ?
Guess the personality game at Office party games ideasNo points for guessing the rules of the game! You can just announce the hints one by one and the players have to guess the personality. The earlier they guess, the more points they get. It can be played as individuals or in teams. Bring out your creativity in describing your co-worker and make it a funnier one.
 3. Silly Employee Awards
Silly Employee awards at Office Party gamesIt is one of the best opportunities to recognize and reward your employees. But please reserve those serious awards of achievements and hard-work for annual meets. If you want to laugh your heart out and enjoy the evening, give away some silliest awards to each of them. Some examples I can think of now are – the best desk decorator, the hurry-burry chap, makeup queen, sleepy head, target-bitten, heavy drinker (coffee/tea) and the rest you know more about your colleagues. Include everyone in the list. Make it more enjoyable with the condition that every recipient has to give a funny thank you speech. Double fun!
4. Photoshop it!
Photoshop game for office party gamesTake out a group photo of your colleagues and do a little bit of tweaking with it by replacing the face and body of each with others. Ask the team to identify each or find a faulty one. Make it as funny as possible.
5. Song translation game
A fun game for all the music lovers in your office, no translation tool required. You just have to brush up your Bollywood knowledge! I have a list of Bollywood songs which are translated in English. The challenge is to guess the original song. The English translation of Hindi songs . Some examples are
1. Sometimes in my heart, there comes a thought, as if you were made only for me…
(Kabhie kabhie mere dil mein, khayal aata hai, ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai mere lite…)
2. I was passing by, I was eating bhelpuri, if you felt hot, what can I do…
(Mein to raste se jaa raha tha, mein to bhel puri kha raha tha, tujhko mirchi lagi to mein kya Karun…)
3. One hot teacup and somebody to serve it…
(Ek garam chai ki pyali ho, koi use pilane wali ho…)
6. Tambola or Housie
After all the fun and frolic you can end the day with a game of Tambola or Bingo or Housie. I have put a list of  different number callings. You can ask for the complete access if you want. I have also formed a Bollywood based Tambola for all those movie buffs. You can check that too.

 7. Bollywood Games

Bollywood games at office parties Am sure you will have a lot of colleagues who have an extra affinity towards movies and Bollywood in general. Give them an edge by conducting some Bollywood related games. You can find a whole list of some 50 games here. Some examples are given below:
1 Bring in some variations in the usual Antakshari and Dumb Sharads. Instead of identification of movies, let the participant enact a song or a signature dance step.
2. Mix two audio songs and play. The team identifying first wins the point.
3. Ask the team members the profession of the hero/heroine in some famous movies.
4. Mute a scene from any popular movie and the ask the teams to come up with a funny dialogue instead

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