As technology advances, kids are not spending as much time as they should be outdoors. Nowadays, children are choosing tablets over teeter-totters. Outdoor activities allow for mental, physical, and social stimulation. Young children, can learn many skills from outdoor play during this crucial time of growth and development, including counting, discipline, and organization. Being outdoors can improve the moods of children, and game-playing can lead to an increase in confidence. Most notably, playing outdoor games will better the health and wellness of a child. Activities such as running, jumping, and skipping will build upon their endurance, strength, and balance. Socializing with peers is another added benefit of outdoor play. It can teach children important lessons about sharing, making friends, and teamwork.

Octopus Tag:

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In this game, there is only one tagger in the beginning, and they stand still in the middle of the play area. The rest of the children have to run across the play area while trying not to get tagged by the “octopus.” If they’re tagged, they have to stay standing in that exact spot and should now help the octopus tag the other children. If the last child standing can get through the octopus, they win.

Freeze Tag:

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A group of children is needed for this game. One person is “it” and is responsible for tagging or “freezing” everyone else. Tagging can be a slight tap, nothing too aggressive or physical. If the child is a runner and gets tagged, they have to freeze and cannot move. They should stop and stand with their legs wide apart; if a child who has not been tagged crawls between their legs, they can unfreeze.

Hide and Seek:

One child is labeled the seeker, and their job is to find one or all of the hiders. The seeker counts to 20, and during this time, the rest of the group hides in a small area.

Parachute Games:

For this game, a giant parachute is needed. There are a bunch of different activities children can do with their parachute. A decent-sized group is needed to play these games, which are great for practicing teamwork.

Four Square:

The object of this game is to eliminate players in higher squares. It’s played with a rubber ball, and you can create the four squares with chalk.

Duck, Duck, Goose:

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Children will sit or stand in a circle. The child who is “it” will walk around the circle patting the heads of the other children saying “duck” or “goose.” When they tap someone on the head and yell “goose,” that child needs to chase whoever is it and catch them before they steal their spot in the circle.

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